Free Proxy List is a newly established proxy listing website, providing brand new public proxy sites across the world.

Every site that is accepted onto our proxy list has been rigorously checked to make sure that all are working proxy sites. Proxy Sites are websites that enable the user to bypass network filters in order to enjoy uncensored browsing as well as to unblock websites which they regularly visit.

When submitting your own proxy sites please note that a backlink isn't required during submission. Only a working proxy site on a top level domain.

Every proxy on our proxy list is sorted by their characteristics, these include their speed, country of origin as well as the script that they are powered by. Ensuring that every type of proxy use will find what they need on our proxy list.

Please also note, that as well as listing proxy websites, we also allow proxy lists onto our site. So if you want to find free proxy websites elsewhere, you can find them here.

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